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Life doesn't come with a manual—it comes with a mother. A mother is the most excellent teacher, cheapest therapist, and best friend. Thanks to Mother's Day, for it's the best excuse for us to show them how much she meant to us.

This year, if you don't have any plans for Mother's Day yet, we've got your back!

Show how much you love the wonderful woman of your life, and celebrate Mothers' Day with a very special gift set!

Introducing: Mama's Treat Box!

The exclusive treat box comes with mums' top 9 favourite items voted by all the mothers in the Bread & Hearth team.

Cheese Danish, Apple Turnover, Blueberry Crumble, Raspberry Croissant, Fudgy Brownie, Burnt Basque Cheesecake, Pecan Cranberry Bun, Raisin Roll and Peach Danish.

Each box is only $40 nett!

Pre-order to get a FREE $10 worth of cash voucher now!

Limited stock available, first-come-first-serve.

Pre-order to make mama happy now!

Islandwide delivery and pre-orders are available until stock lasts. WhatsApp us or email us at info@breadhearth.com for more information.

Pre-orders are only available via our website, click here to place your order now!

Our Mama's Treat Box is recommended by SG Magazine as one of the gift ideas to show your love and appreciation this Mother's Day!

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Updated: Apr 7

Pain de Campagne
Featuring our best seller, Pain de Campagne, a rye sourdough country loaf.

Sourdough bread is made from sourdough starter and leavened naturally by the CO2 produced during the fermentation process.

A sourdough starter or ‘levain’ is made from natural yeast and good bacteria growing in a paste of flour and water. A small portion of this levain is then mixed with bread flour to make the sourdough.

Sourdough is known to be a better form of carbohydrates in our diet. A few benefits of sourdough include:-

1. Aid in food digestion

The good bacteria-yeast culture breaks down the starches in grains and aids in our gut’s digestion process.

2. Lower glycemic index (GI)

Sourdough has a lower GI rating than white wheat bread and is less likely to spike our blood sugar.

3. Higher nutrition value

Sourdough contains various vitamins and minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium, B1-B6, B12, folate, zinc, potassium, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, selenium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin E.

4. Awesome flavour

Sourdough bread holds the aroma, flavour and texture that has a class of its own.

Sourdough is a classic bread that delivers unique flavours while giving a subtle tangy taste. It has a crunchy crust and dense, chewy crumb compared to soft white bread.

We are proud to introduce our Pain de Campagne, a rye sourdough country loaf made with in-house levain, wholemeal wheat, rye flour, and French flour. We crafted this jewel perfectly to satisfy the local demand for flavour and texture.

Get your favourite sourdough delivered to your doorstep now!

Place your islandwide delivery order now at www.breadhearth.com

Visit us at our bakery cafés located at:

Flagship store established in 2013: 18 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089125

Katong V outlet: 30 East Coast Road #02-27, Singapore 428751

If you’d like to learn how to make sourdough bread, join us! We have been making loaves with whole wheat flour and other types of flour we imported from France to produce nutritious sourdough bread.

Please fill-up the form below, and our hiring manager will contact you soon!


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Updated: Apr 13

Happy Easter!

Since we know you have been craving the nostalgic flavour that reminds you of your goody childhood days, we have gotten ourselves ready with your favourite buns - Hot Cross Buns!

Understanding that hot cross buns are what glutton like you are craving for every Easter, our senior bakers have improved hot cross buns this year!

Our hot cross buns are waiting for you to hunt them down during the Easter season across our bakeries in Singapore!

Get your hot cross buns from us now! You may also get it from us to share these freshly handmade buns with your loved ones on Good Friday or Easter Sunday for your annual ritual.

Introducing: Hot Cross Buns!

Bread & Hearth's very own hot cross buns are back!

Chomp it down and enjoy the full flavour derived from 24-hour fermentation.

Made with:

Cloves, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger,

Rum-Soaked Raisin, Diced Citrus, Cranberry,

and Cream Cheese Frosting on the top!

Available from 1st April "22 to 18th April "22, while stock lasts.

Place order or walk-in to get your favourite bun now!

Islandwide delivery available until stock lasts. Call us or email us at info@breadhearth.com for more information.

Our Hot Cross Bun is selected by SG Magazine as one of the best festive treats!

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