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Marble Surface

We create recipes to satisfy your delicate palate and we respect you as a discerning customer who appreciates quality.

 Handcrafted artisan bread is our bakery café’s signature style, where every bread and pastry is baked using traditional European methods.

A great emphasis is placed on using age-old bread-making techniques, which may be time consuming, but yields distinct results that discerning gourmands will surely appreciate.


At Bread & Hearth, we are passionate about crafting every bread, entree, and dessert items with high-quality ingredients, using traditional methods

Let our handcrafted bakes not only fill your stomach but also fill your hearts with our passion.

We bake with an unyielding love for delicious pastries that is translated into each bread we make. After all, baking is our bread and butter - our life! Our hearts are where the hearth is.

We have no doubt you would feel at home at Bread & Hearth. So come 'home', visit us, share your experiences with friends and families here with us; we promise that you will experience how bread & hearth can bring you on a gastronomical journey as you enjoy our huge array of bread, viennoiseries, entrees, desserts, and our carefully-crafted beverages.

Dine-In Menu

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Café Location

Bread & Hearth - Katong V

Wholesale Outlet


Mandai Foodlink


48 Pekin Street #01-00 Singapore 048778

+(65) 8690 4927


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